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Tailor make Android Apps
More then 60 Free Android 
Games and Tools by iMediaBank
        We tailor made Android Mobile Apps for you and your business solution and promotion. We offer not only a mobile apps but also a tablet device solutions for your business needs.
Integrated with Android Apps and Google Apps to make a portable device apps more powerful.

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Google Apps Consultant Services

We are Google Apps for Business Consultant.

Only US$ 4.99 / User / Month
(From 6th User) 

        We offer a consultant service to help you get started using Google Apps for Business (Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Sites etc.) for your domain name.
        We have a group of Google Apps specialist to oversees each Google deployment; able to match your needs to the features in the suite and make the transition smooth. Our consultants are gained great experience managing high impact IT projects which bring to every Google migration, large or small.