iMediaBank 2020 New Products

Urinary Putty Tester : Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Test Inability to urinate or weak interrupted flow. Record day by day for you and your doctor reference. Accurate Sensor detects tiny vibration, color, and Mobile readable Android Apps.

Tell me Wine (Personal wine taster)

IoT Portable and OLED display, based on serve temperature, Calories, Brut, Intense, taste sweetness, acidic, mineral taste and more elements to generate a taste code for your personal reference.

No more fault on next round.

Tea and Coffee Ombudsman

IoT Device to keep check what is the best time to drink. Only 1 mins to analyse and report, keep records for you reference. You will be a Tea and Coffee professional master.

IoT Software and Hardware Solutions


(LAN / PPP / Touch Screen / GPIO)



Simple IoT Sensor Solution