Timeless permanent storage, wireless and vacuum-sealed IoT devices.

Leave the memories, albums and sounds of the next century.

What is Baobab ?

"Baobab" is an IoT device for permanent data storage. It is completely sealed in the crystal in a vacuum and will not oxidize. A variety of colors and sizes can be combined with any product. Extra 50+ kinds of sensors can collect and output data.

How does Baobab works ?

Baobab is powered by a wireless power source, and there is no battery inside to avoid explosion. After power-on, 16Gb of storage space can be prepared for file upload and download. Baobab trees can withstand 100 years of aging test.

What is Baobab for ?

Baobab can hold more than 100 years of digital data, so there are many possibilities. Grandparents album, baby crying, travel album, and all lovely memories data.

Combo with any products

Baobab trees can take different forms. It can be used with crystal ornaments, photo frames, Buddha statues, candle holders, gifts, and souvenirs.